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days until the first Varsity meet of the 2014 season

- Updated - Sat 4/19/14 - 

Important Reminder for your calendar: Wed. May 28 (6:00 p.m.) will be our season-end Track Picnic at Concord United Methodist Church Pavillion.  
Details will follow soon.

PLEASE HELP!... Middle School families - help is needed for the last two home meets!! Please click on 'snack shack' on the left side of this page to see open spots... Thank you!!

If you have not yet worked in the snack shack... PLEASE email ( or text (724/674-0082) Sarah Antal to sign up.  Thank you!!

NOTE - There are a few photo orders which were not picked up... we will try to get them out this week through the coaches.

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Great job vs. Shenango, Varsity!! 
Top place results are listed for Boys in the results section (click on Results to left)

Thank you to our Middle School athletes who have helped so much during the season... our home Varsity meets have gone very smoothly thanks to your help!  We appreciate your time and energy!!

THANK YOU to the parents and family members who have helped in the snack shack during the Varsity season.  It would be impossible to run the snack shack without your help!  Big thanks to those of you who have worked extra shifts and "overtime" when you could see we were short-staffed... you are very much appreciated!!

CONGRATULATIONS to all Varsity athetes for such a great meet at Beaver County Champs!!! Top 6 results are included at the bottom of the Results section of this website (click on Results on menu to the left).

A great big THANK YOU to each PARENT AND FAMILY MEMBER who volunteered to make this meet such a huge success!! We hope you know - Coach Kotuby & Coach Winfield the Track Boosters greatly appreciate the time and energy you shared on Saturday.  Thank you especially to those of you who worked OVERTIME on your snack shack/ admissions/ t-shirt sale shifts to make sure things ran smoothly.  Our snack shack was bombarded with business, which is great news for our fundraising, but it made for a FULL day for those of you volunteering.  Your helpfulness also allowed me to get out of the snack shack to help on the field with the meet.  THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!!!

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Upcoming Varsity meets:

  Mon April 21 AWAY @ Neshannock (last Section meet)
  - Wed April 23 - MAC Invitational @ Mars

  - Sat April 26 -Tri County Champs @ Shenango

  - Wed April 30 - Varsity Team Playoffs (boys)

  - Fri May 2 - Baldwin Invitational (girls) & Pine Richland Invitational (boys)

  - Tues May 6 - WPIAL Individual Qualifiers

  - Thurs May 8 - Varsity Team Champs
  - Thurs May 15 - WPIAL Individual Finals

  - Fri May 23 & Sat May 24 - PIAA State Champs

Upcoming Middle School meets:

  - Tues April 22 HOME vs. Ellwood City
  - Thurs April 24 AWAY @ Shenango
  - Mon April 28 HOME vs. Mohawk
  - Wed April 30 AWAY @ Laurel

The full meet schedules can be found by clicking on "Schedule" to the left side of this webpage.

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*NOTE* - For invitational meets (including Beaver County Champs), our coaches are limited in how many athletes they are allowed to enter in the meet.  In many events, they can only enter the top 3 times on the team. If your son or daughter has been told what events they are running, they should expect to attend and participate.  If they have not been given events for this meet, they are not participating.  Please ask your athlete to check with their coach if they are uncertain if they are participating.  

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Reminder: If you still need to make your $30 family donation, you can give to Mary or Sarah or Sharon or Laura at any meet this week.  If you are concerned about this donation due to financial difficulties or other issues, please email ( or see Mary soon.  Thank you!! 

Reminder: If you still have pop/water donations for the snack shack, please bring donations to the Snack Shack this week during one of the home meets.  Any leftover beverages will be served at the Track & Field season-end picnic.  Thank you to everyone who has already donated!!  

Reminders are below, if you a
re not sure what to bring. 
Thank you so much for your help!! We are counting on our snack shack to be our main source of fundraising, so your donations are very important!

7th & 8th grade: 2 cases (24 ct) of water

9th, 10th and 11th Grade: 1 case (24 ct) of pop

12th grade girls: 2 cases (24ct) of water

12th grade boys: 1 case (24 ct) of pop

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Reminder - Driving your athlete home from an Away Meet:

If you would like to take your athlete home with you (rather than letting them ride on the bus) - you MUST complete and sign a Travel Release form and get it to Coach Kotuby or Coach Winfield.  You can find the form on the very LAST page (scroll down) of the Student Athlete Handbook, which can be found on the school website under Athletics, or... here:


Welcometo the 2014 Season of Riverside Track

Dear Parents and Athletes,

We have already begun preparations for the 2014 season. We welcome all our parents’ attendance at the meetings to get your input in the planning and decisions of the track boosters organization.

Please come to this website for continued contact from the boosters throughout the season. If you did not receive this info by email, that means we do NOT have your email address.  Please make it easier for us to keep you updated by contacting Sarah Antal ( with your email address and phone number. 

On this website, we will have meet schedules, fundraiser information, directions to away meets, end-of-the-season picnic information and more.   All information transmitted through the coaching staff supersedes what you may obtain on the site. They know what's going on faster than we do and sometimes forget to ask us to update the website accordingly, but we will try to keep you informed as much as possible.

**PLEASE HELP!!!** We are looking for one person to coordinate our middle school snack shack this year.   We only have five home middle school meets, so it is not a huge commitment.. We already have several experienced helpers for shopping and sign ups, but we need someone to be in charge of the concession stand for middle school meets.  LOTS of good help promised!!

Click on "Snack Shack" on the left side of this page for online sign ups for the snack shack (for both Jr. High and Varsity meets). Parental help and donations are essential to the success of our program.   Please make sure you sign up for at least one meet this year and also for the Beaver County Invitational or the Middle School Invitational. The more parents who help with concession stand duties, picnic, etc. the lighter the load for the few of us!  

We are NOT requiring a candy fundraiser this year.  However,  each family is asked to donate  $30 PER FAMILY.  This check is due by Fri April 4.  CHECKS ONLY PLEASE - made out to Riverside Track Boosters.  Please indicate in the memo section of the check your son/daughter’s name to make it easier for us to track.  Funds raised will pay for the end-of-the-season picnic and gifts and awards for our athletes.

Also starting March 4, please turn in a beverage donation for the snack shack. Please label your donations in Sharpie with your family name on them to make it easier for us to track who’s donated and who hasn’t. These can be left at concession stand at the end of practice and your coach will help you load into the stand.

7th & 8th grade: 2 cases (24 ct) of water

9th, 10th and 11th Grade: 1 case (24 ct) of pop

12th grade girls: 2 cases (24ct) of water

12th grade boys: 1 case (24 ct) of pop

Some important dates to be aware of:

  • Mon March 3rd - Mandatory Mon-Fri Practices Begin for Varsity and Middle School.   These will go through the month of April but trickle off as athletes go to WPIALS & States in May.  Middle School practice schedule is a little different.  Athletes will get a copy of their practice schedules and official meet schedules.

  • Mon March 3rd - *Final deadline to turn in your physical and sign-off sheet* (students who have participated in another sport already this school year only need to complete section 5).  Please have your students review the Student Athlete Handbook that is on the district’s site and be sure to sign and return the student athlete sign off form. All of these can be found on the schoo's website at:  No extensions will be given.

  • Mon March 3rd - Last day to give your coaches the required $5 trainer fee.  Make this $5 check payable to Riverside Beaver County School District. No extensions will be given.

  • Fri March 7th - Please turn in your water/pop donation by March 7.

  • Wed March 19 - The next Booster Meeting will be at 7PM LGI at the high school.  Please attend! All parents welcome, Varsity and Middle School!

  • Fri April 4  - Donation check of $30 per family due for Middle School and Varsity.  Checks should be made out to Riverside Track Boosters.

  • Wed. April 9 - Riverside will be hosting a Junior High Invitational Meet. Please, if you have a Jr High Athlete, plan on working during this important meet.

  • Saturday, April 12 - Riverside will be hosting the Beaver County Championship.  We will need lots of help for that meet, which is our big fundraiser of the season. Various opportunities are making food, working in the concession stand, grilling burgers and hot dogs, selling t- shirt and  soliciting for a 50-50.  Please plan to send a family representative for at least a two-hour shift on that day.  Sign ups will be available on the website.

  • Thurs April 17 (last home meet)  will be Varsity Track’s Senior Night - more on that TBA.

  • Wed May 28 – Picnic at Concord United Methodist Church’s pavilion. Details will follow.

Please download the high school meet schedule and/or the middle school meet schedule off the website.

Please feel free to contact any of the board members with comments, suggestions or questions.

Dawn Wehman,
Nov 28, 2013, 9:26 AM