Snack Shack

You can see the snack shack schedule by clicking the above link. It is not something you can add your name to. Please contact Margaret to sign up or make a change.

Please email or Text Margaret Coyne at - 724-462-0786 to sign up for shifts!! 

Reminder of what is asked of each family this season:

VARSITY FAMILIES - please sign up for a shift at a regular meet (either Varsity or Middle School) or a (2 hour) shift at the Beaver County Championship meet.  

MIDDLE SCHOOL FAMILIES - please sign up for a shift at a regular meet (either Middle School or Varsity) or one (2 hour) shift at the Junior High Invitational. 

Due to the small number of home meets, the chance to earn back your contributions will be on a first come basis. Sign up early. Sheets will be available at the mandatory meeting on Monday, February 25. Remaining shifts can be signed up for via email or txt to Margaret. 

Volunteer shifts earn half of your contribution back. Donation of food earns the other half.

Thank you for your help!!